Smirnoff NightLife Exchange Project


The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is part of the ‘Be There’ campaign. The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project sees 14 countries taking part in a cultural exchange of once in a lifetime experiences. Stretching across six continents, the fourteen countries taking part are the USA, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa, Thailand and Venezuela. These countries represent the vibrant sights and sounds of global nightlife today. Each country must discover the best elements of their nightlife  (these include food, music and sights) and then ”package’ them up in a crate which will then be transported to a different country for them to experience the nightlife. Consumers from Ireland were invited to make suggestions on the facebook page about what they believe represents the best of Irish nightlife. People were able to suggest what place they wanted the exchange to happen, what drinks they drink, what music they want to listen to on the night out and what food they eat on the night out. The Smirnoff Ireland website also offers consumers the opportunity to talk about their favourite drinks, places, music etc. The website also gives recipes for some of the best known cocktails that can be made using Smirnoff. Some of these include a cosmopolitan and bloody mary. Other cocktails from specific countries involved in the exchange are also available. Some of these include the indian masala marke, the big apple, the  moscow mule and the jamaican mule. On October the 22nd the contents of each of the countries crates were revealed to the public and on November 27th each country experienced different nightlife cultures from across the globe.



How To Tackle the Drink Driving Problem Part 2

Due to these high numbers of drink driving deaths the government tried to tackle the problem through ad campaigns with Drink Aware. This was helping highlight the issue of drink driving but soon companies began to realize the problems associated with drink and so they came on board highlighting the importance of drinking responsible. Companies such as Diageo have started to concentrate on promoting the Drink Aware Campaign. They do this through individual brands such as Smirnoff. Smirnoff and other drink brands have now advertised through drinking responsibly. Below is a video that introduced and it was soon taken off televisions as it was found to be too graphic but it shows the true danger of drink driving and its consequences.


Ways to Tackle the Problem

Smirnoff as a brand has undertaken ways of advertising their product but also highlighting the importance of drink driving and responsible drinking. Other brands in the market need to help highlight these problems as the figures show it’s a huge problem and why should we lose another loved one to a road death caused by drunk driving??? Why should our loved one be the victim???

Companies such as Diageo through brands like Smirnoff need to do something new to tackle this problem as a whole and we think the way to do this is would be to introduce labels on every bottle that show the consequences of drinking. They should highlight drink driving, rape, injuries and any other problems from drinking irresponsibly. This would mean that no matter how drunk an individual is they will have a constant reminder each time they pick up a bottle of Smirnoff or any other brand. Having warning labels and pictures will highlight and hopefully tackle this problem.

Smirnoff is an international company and they can tackle this problem through their brand and it would help every country worldwide. This would result in advertising their product, continue selling high volumes of it but also be liked for its association with trying to tackle the problem. Customers seeing and understanding that a huge international company like Smirnoff would be willing to help to tackle this problem would be more willing to buy or drink their product in the future. Smirnoff could reach out to millions of people worldwide and still manage to sell their product.

Society as a whole has a drinking problem as Ireland is amongst one of the highest alcohol consumption in the EU. We as a community and a country need to stop this problem as it could be our loved ones affected by this in the future!!

We need to tackle this problem today not tomorrow!!! We can do this through an Introduction of a  higher tax on alcohol, Restrictions on alcohol density in products, Reduce the days and hours of sale of alcohol restrictions, Increase the minimum legal age of purchase to people under i.e. Over 21, Introduce lower legal driving restrictions on alcohol concentration and as said below introduce drink aware labels on all alcohol products. Nightclubs and pubs could be stricter with relation to id or increase the age to 21 at clubs and pubs.  We also need to have more television campaigns that show real life effects of drink driving. The steps above are according to The World Health Organization who has identified a number of evidence-based strategies.

Consequences of Drink Driving Part 1

Drink driving has become a huge problem not only in Ireland but all over Europe. The Health research board carried out a report and the following facts and figures were found related to Drink Driving. According to The National Drug Related Index there were 672 poisoning deaths in which alcohol was the main cause of death. Figures showed to increase in 2007 with 170 deaths which was the highest to date and it was the lowest in 2006 with 111 deaths related to drink driving. The National Drug Related Index recorded 3,336 deaths of alcohol dependent with a huge increase of more than 291 deaths between the years 2004 and 2008. This was a huge increase in just four years.

According to the Health Research Board they reported that in the cases of all ”fatal poisoning recorded over the 5 years, alcohol was the substance most frequently implicated with a record breaking 40.2%” and benzodiazepines was the second highest. Figures show that Ireland is among the highest in Europe that have the majority of 56% of Irish People that drink in a harmful manner. This figure makes Ireland look bad to other EU countries as it shows Ireland has one of the highest alcohol consumption compared to other countries.

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As a result of these figures the Irish Governemnet realised that they needed to undertake drastic measures to try and lower these figures as too many deaths are caused because of drink driving. The drink aware campaign began and they tried to trackle drink driving through ads that showed the consequences of drink driving.